How do I create an event link?

Posted on : 08 Sep, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

Chapa is offering a new feature that allows you to broadcast your events making it an easy addition to all the work that you put into hosting them. With the growing use of smartphones and advanced technology within the country, selling tickets has become easier through online payments. Guaranteed a simpler and secure method of ensuring that you bring your very own event to life with the company of your customers! 

Follow the directions below to be able to use this feature:

1. If you have an account with Chapa, login to your dashboard and click the “Event” side tab; once you are led to the Events page, click on the ‘Create Event Link’







2, Once the ‘Create Event Link’ tab opens, you may input the details about your event which are 

  1. The Event name, 
  2. Description and Location, 
  3. An image advertising your event, 
  4. Type of tickets you offer with their prices,
  5. And contact details such as an email or a phone number








3. It will then lead you to the next series of forms including the location that additionally demonstrates a map for potential customers as well as the date and time of the event. You may also choose whether it is an online or physical event.







In terms of an online event, enter application use, link details, and the date/time.












4. Chapa offers up to five ticket-type options so your customers can buy depending on what they desire, e.g. VVIP, VIP, or regular. Enter a brief description of what these tickets hold such as any treats your customers may receive with their chosen ticket type and the cost of the ticket.












5. Once you have completed uploading your events onto Chapa, you can now proceed to share a link or QR code with buyers.

6. After sharing the link, buyers will be led to the page that allows them to choose what ticket they want and the amount they want to purchase.










7, After the purchase is complete, your customer will receive an email containing their ticket information. In this email, your customer is prompted to download their purchased ticket for the event.

8. The tickets are available in a PDF document that will display the ticket details such as venue location, number of tickets, and corresponding QR Code. You can use this document to verify the authenticity of your customers.















9. In addition to adding an event, we also provide the option of previewing, disabling, editing, sharing, and deleting a particular event. You can also see an overview of the tickets purchased by clicking the tickets option on the dropdown.








10. In the tickets section, you can view a tabular view of all the tickets that have been sold. In the header section, an overview of the number of tickets sold for each ticket type is displayed. On the table, you can view all the details of an event transaction such as Customer name, Email,  Number of Tickets, Ticket Type, Amount Paid, and Transaction Reference. You also have the option to export your table in any format of your choice.













11, In the edit section, you can edit the content you have previously filled. The inputs are all pre-filled by the values that have been previously set. So, all you have to do is change the section that has a green border.








That’s it! In a few simple steps, you can create an event that you can share with your customers and receive payments for. So head on to our dashboard to create your first event and experience the beauty of our event feature.  

Build, showcase and sell out your dream event on Chapa. Enjoy Events in the New Year! 

Happy Ethiopian New Year!  መልካም አዲስ አመት።