How do I enable Telegram Notification?

Posted on : 16 Aug, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

According to Google Play Store, each country's download record, Telegram is a more highly downloaded app than the Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, and other messenger apps in Ethiopia. Telegram is one of Ethiopia's preferred social media platforms; it is more popular than any other such platform.

At Chapa, transparency is essential, and you have every right to be notified about your business. Our survey shows more than 70% of business owners don't check their email but check Telegram often. 

As of today, we added telegram notification without any fee and hustle. To enable Telegram notification, follow the following steps: 

1. Go here and Start Chapa Notification Bot:

2. Go to your dashboard, and under the account settings tab, click "Integrate Telegram."

3. If you know your telegram user name, continue to step 4

How to Find Username

On Telegram, go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and then go to Settings. The same goes on your mobile app; go to the hamburger menu, then go to Settings. 

Then, select Edit profile. Click on your name in the next window you see something Username. On the mobile app, tap the three vertical dots towards the top of the Settings menu. Then, get your username.


4. Input your telegram username and click connect. 

That's it! 

If all goes well, You will get a notification from us:


Known errors, 


Unblock ChapaBot: This is because you stopped the Chapa Notification Bot; please restart the bot. 

Check if the bot is enabled: Because you didn't enable Chapa Notification Bot, please Go here and Start Chapa Notification Bot.


Then we will send you a notification for every transaction like this:



If you don't want to receive the notification, go to your dashboard and under the account settings tab, disable "Notify me every transaction via telegram"


Melkam Gize!