How do I create a Chapa account?

Posted on : 11 Aug, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

How to get started with Chapa


  • To create a Chapa account go to 
  • Tap the “Sign Up for Free” Button.
  • Fill in your full name, Business name, and password. 
  • Click on the “Verify Now” button.
  • Complete the KYC form by entering your information and uploading your business documents.
  • Submit the form by clicking on the “Submit for review” button.
  • Following completion, check your email to receive the confirmation from Chapa.
  • Our compliance staff will examine the paperwork and documents submitted.
  • Once your account has been authenticated and verified, you will be given access to the dashboard.
  • If your account has not been authorized, we will ask you to reapply with the required changes to your application...