How to fill out the KYC (Compliance) form

Posted on : 31 Jan, 2023    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer,” and it’s a form that we use to verify the identity of our customers. This form collects personal information about the business owner, such as name, address, and date of birth, as well as financial information about the business. This information is then used to confirm the business owner's identity.


In this article, we'll show you how to effortlessly complete your KYC form.


To begin, let's log into our Chapa Dashboard. If you don't already have a Chapa account, start off by creating one. 


Once you log in, there should be a card asking you to verify your account.


Alternatively, you could also access the form by clicking on the icon with your initials on the right-hand side. And click on compliance from the drop-down options.


You should now be on the compliance page, and it should look something like this.


Let’s now fill out the form. 


1. Under Bussiness Type click on Registered. 

  • Your business should be registered to have a Chapa account.


2. Chose the industry that best matches your business from the dropdown.


3. Choose a category that best fits your business. 

  • The category will vary depending on the industry your business is registered in.


4. Specify the size of your staff.

5. Specify the transaction volume.

6. The legal business name should match the one on the business license.

7. Input the business's Tin number.

8. If your business is Vat registered click on the check box and input the Vat number. If not you can just skip it unchecked.

9. Input the Business’s license number. It should be on your business’s trade license.

10.  Choose the type of cooperation accordingly.

11. Upload your Trade License, Tin Certificate and Memorandum of Association accordingly


12. Put the address of your business like the one on your business license. 

13. Put the business contact information.


14.  Upload your proof of address

  • The document must show your business address if it is rent or own the property!
  • Additionally, the document must be current; if it is out of date, your compliance will be rejected. 

15. Fill out the form for the designated contact person.

  • This should either be the CEO or the general manager of the company.

16. Finally click on the Submit button

Once you’ve submitted the form, it will redirect you to the dashboard. There will be a card letting you know that an email will be sent once the compliance officer reviews the submitted form. 

  • It will take 24 hours or less to review the compliance on business days.


You are now done with filling out your KYC form! You can now start accepting payments.