Split Payments with Sub-accounts

Posted on : 25 Aug, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

Chapa enables you to split the payments for goods and services between you and other businesses on your e-commerce or other platforms. You can split funds into your bank account and other accounts.


How to split payments between Chapa merchant and Subaccount (s)

To split payment on your Chapa account, you must create a sub-account. A sub-account is an additional bank account registered on your Chapa account to receive split payments. You can have as many sub-accounts as you want.

To create a sub-account:

  1. Go to the Subaccounts page on your dashboard homepage and click 'Su'accounts' just under the 'Overview tab.'
  2. Click the 'Add Subaccount's button.
  3. Fill in the fields on the next page to create a new subaccount.

Note: Currently, the split payment option is only available via the Chapa API and supported SDKs.

Add ID(s) of subaccount(s) in charge payload

When the subaccounts are created, they are automatically assigned an ID. You can include these IDs in any charge request payload, and the payment will automatically be split between your bank account and the specified subaccounts. An example payload is shown below.

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.chapa.co/api/transaction/initialize' \

--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY' \

--form 'amount="100"' \

--form 'currency="ETB"' \

--form 'email="debug@chapa.co"' \

--form 'first_name="Israel"' \

--form 'last_name="Birhane"' \

--form 'tx_ref="chapa_sjhjsef"' \

--form 'customization[title]="Welcome to my store"' \

--form 'customization[description]="time to get paid"' \

--form 'subaccounts[id]="7c2e9876-f132-48b2-8d53-iu8ejjdh"' \

--form 'subaccounts[split_type]="flat"' \

--form 'subaccounts[split_ratio]="2"'


Note: The split payment feature can only be used in ETB currency if your settlement option is an automatic and not a manual settlement (Transfers).